Activate Lease-To-Own on your listings.

By offering visitors an option to pay for your domains over time, you instantly attract buyers who couldn’t otherwise afford your domain, and you will find that you spend less time in negotiations. Making it a win-win on both sides. 

By activating Lease-to-own on your domain name portfolio, you will generate more profit by exponentially increasing your sale-through rate and building a recurring revenue stream from it.

Here’s how this works:

Step by step:

  • Ensure you have integrated into your Efty dashboard by following these steps.
  • Navigate to Settings > Preferences and scroll down to Integration Settings.
  • Choose the maximum number of installments and set the “primary call to action”
  • Click Save.

Once done, Lease-two-own is activated on all your For-Sale landing pages that are hosted on

You can overwrite these settings on a “per domain” basis. To do this, search for and open the domain name in your Efty Investor dashboard. Click Edit and then update the settings in the Marketing tab of the domain name.

Some important notes:

  • processes all lease-to-own and Buy-it-now transactions initiated through Efty at an industry-low commission of 5%.
  • works with a markup model for installments of more than 12 months, which acts as a negative incentive for buyers to opt for the longest payment plan term available. This way, they ensure that buyers who can afford to purchase the domain at the set Buy-It-Now continue to do so. This markup is split evenly between DAN.COM and the integrator, Efty. Set the installments to 12 months or less to avoid showing a markup.
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