Setting up integration

Efty Invstor's integration with lets you place a Buy It Now (BIN) button on your For-Sale landing pages and marketplace site so buyers can purchase your domains directly via checkout pages.

To get started with integrating BIN buttons on your landing pages, follow these easy steps:

1.      Go to Settings > Integrations and add your Dan Distribution Network ID. You can find this ID when you sign in to your seller account and navigate to Settings > Profile.

Example of a Dan Distribution Network ID

If you still need to get a seller account, you can create one here.

2.      Go to Settings > Preferences and update your default payment platform (optional), set your currency (EUR or USD), and if relevant, enable VAT.

3.      Add a BIN price to a specific domain (from the domain edit mode) and hit Save.

Or, use our Bulk Update and Upload tool to update your entire portfolio at once.

Once saved, a BIN button will be visible on your For-Sale landing page and/or your marketplace.

When a buyer clicks the BIN button on your landing page, they are redirected to a secure checkout page on, where they can immediately purchase the domain name.

Once the buyer has submitted payment, you will receive an email from stating that your domain name has been sold and further instructions on transferring it. will charge a 5% commission on each sale generated through your Efty Investor landing pages or marketplace.

Just so you know, the minimum BIN value for a transaction is $99 or more.

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