Setting up integration

Efty Investor's integration with enables you to forward leads and inquiries to the brokerage team at a 15% commission (or $250.00 whichever is greater) upon completing a successful sale.

You can set a target and a floor price for your domain name(s) and forward new inquiries to the team with a click of a button. You can also assign older leads for their team to revive.

To get started with our brokerage feature, you can follow these easy steps:

All verified inquiries within your Efty Investor account will show a “Send to broker’ button, as you can see here:

Clicking this button allows you to set a target sales price and a floor sales price, before sending the inquiry to a broker.

The target sales price is your desired sales price, and the floor sales price is the lowest acceptable sales price the brokerage team can negotiate without seeking approval. This price is never visible to buyers.

The value for both the target sales price and the floor sales price needs to be at least $1,000.

If you wish to change these values later on, you can do so by searching for the domain name within your Efty account and then do this from the Marketing tab:

Sending multiple inquiries to a broker:

If you wish to send multiple inquiries to a broker at once, you do this by selecting more than one inquiry, clicking the Edit button, and then selecting “send to broker”:

This only works if you have set a target sales price and a floor sales price for each of these domain names. If one or more domain names are missing these values, you will be prompted to add this information in our bulk editor.

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