What's the timeframe for completing payment after buying a domain?

Understanding the timeframe for completing payment after buying a domain via Efty Pay is essential for a smooth and timely transaction. This article will address the common question regarding the payment completion timeframe.

Here’s what we cover in this article:

  1. Payment completion timeframe
  2. Extension for corporate buyers
  3. Ensuring timely completion

Payment completion timeframe

When you purchase a domain through Efty Pay, it's important to note that all payments must be started within 24 hours of purchase. This timeframe ensures efficient processing and finalization of the transaction, allowing for the timely transfer of ownership.

Extension for corporate buyers

We understand that certain corporate buyers may require additional time to complete a purchase due to internal processes or approvals. In such cases, we offer flexibility by allowing corporate buyers to request an extension beyond the standard 24-hour timeframe. Corporate buyers must notify their Transfer Specialist within the Efty Pay dashboard to use this extension.

Ensuring timely completion

Whether you're an individual or a corporate buyer, it's essential to adhere to the payment completion timeframe to avoid any delays or complications in the transaction process. Prompt payment expedites the domain transfer process and ensures a seamless experience for all parties involved.

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