How can I track the progress of my domain transfer?

When purchasing a domain through Efty Pay, tracking the progress of your domain transfer is straightforward and can be done entirely through your Efty Pay dashboard. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to monitor the status of your domain name transfer:

Accessing Your Efty Pay Dashboard

  1. Log In to Efty Pay: Begin by logging into your Efty Pay account using your magic link.
  2. Navigate to Transaction: Once logged in to your dashboard, click on your recent Transaction or navigate to the Transactions tab. All the details about your transactions and domain transfers are displayed here.

Understanding the Status Updates

In your Transaction overview, you will see a series of status updates that inform you of the progress of your domain transfer. Here are the stages you can expect:

1. Efty Pay Requests the Seller to Transfer the Domain Name

As soon as your payment has been approved, Efty Pay requests the seller to transfer the domain name to our secure holding account. This step ensures that the domain is safely managed and ready for transfer to the buyer.

Status Update: Efty Pay requested that the seller transfer the domain name to our secure holding account.

2. Seller Transfers the Domain Name to Efty Pay’s Secure Holding Account

Once the seller successfully transfers the domain name to Efty Pay’s secure holding account, the status update in your dashboard will reflect this change. This step confirms that the domain is now under Efty Pay’s control and is being prepared for transfer to you.

Status Update: Seller has successfully transferred the domain name to our secure holding account.

3. Efty Pay Shares Detailed Transfer Instructions with the Buyer

After securing the domain, Efty Pay will provide detailed instructions on how to complete the domain transfer process, including any necessary steps to finalize the transfer.

Status Update: Efty Pay shares detailed transfer instructions with the buyer.

4. Efty Pay Completes the Transfer of the Domain to the Buyer

Finally, once all steps are completed and the domain transfer is successfully processed, the domain will be officially transferred to your ownership. Your dashboard will be updated to reflect the completion of the process.

Status Update: Efty Pay completes the domain transfer to the buyer.

Additional Tips

  • Check Your Email: In addition to the dashboard updates, you will receive email notifications at each stage of the transfer process. Ensure your email address is up-to-date, and check your spam/junk folder if you don’t see these notifications.
  • Contact Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions at any stage, don’t hesitate to contact your Transfer Specialist for assistance. Our team is here to help ensure a smooth transfer experience.
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