Bulk edit your domain names.

If you want to bulk-update your For-Sale landing pages in bulk for up to 250 domains at once you can do so from the Domains overview in your account. Here, you can select up to 250 domain names and then click the Edit Selection button on the top of the grid.

Select the “Bulk edit” option in the popups screen next:

Now, you can edit various settings for your domains, including the For-Sale landing page theme, the USPs, the text, and much more. To copy a value to all the other domain names in the selection, click on the small “copy” on the right-hand side of the input field.

Remember to click the green Process button at the bottom of the page to save all your changes.

If you want to bulk-edit more than 100 domains, you can use our Bulk Import and Update tool to edit your entire portfolio in one go by downloading and updating a CSV file.  Click here for a detailed tutorial on how to use this tool.

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