Enable SSL for your marketplace

Users on all plans can activate an SSL certificate for their marketplace site. Enabling SSL not only helps keep your visitor’s information safe but having SSL on your marketplace keeps their mind at ease because it provides authentication and trust.  Enable SSL for your marketplace is super easy:

Here’s how to enable SSL for your marketplace

  • Make sure the A-record of your custom marketplace domain points to
  • Go to Settings > Marketplace and click on Enable SSL
  • Select if you like your marketplace to redirect to www or non-www by default
  • Scroll down and click Save


Help, my marketplace shows a “not secure’ warning!

When you visit your marketplace site after enabling SSL and your browser gives you a “not secure” warning, this means your SSL certificate was installed before the A-record was adequately updated.

You should disable SSL and first make sure the A-record is pointing at by following these steps.

You can check if the A-record is updated correctly by visiting https://intodns.com/ and looking up your domain name. Now, please scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says: www

If all is okay, it should look like this:

Once IntoDns shows the correct A-record for your marketplace domain name, you can go back into Efty Investor and enable SSL again. This will install a new certificate, and you're good to go!

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