Upload logos to your For-Sale landing pages.

Efty Investor allows you to upload your own unique logo for each domain name. Depending on your theme's settings, the logo will overwrite the YourDomainName.com text on the individual For-Sale landing page. If you have the default domain list style for your marketplace site set to Tiles, the logos will also show in your marketplace's search results and category pages. To upload a logo for your domain name, open the domain name in your Efty Investor account and click the Edit button.

Now, you click on the Marketing tab of the domain name. Here, you can upload your logo for the domain name.

The requirements for logo files on Efty are:

  • JPEG, PNG or GIF format
  • Maximum size of 1 MB
  • Maximum 300 pixels width and 80 pixels high

We recommend using the PNG format with a transparent background for the best results. Currently, it is not possible to upload logos in bulk.

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