Add Live Chat to your custom For-Sale landing page domain or Marketplace.

To activate live chat for your custom for-sale landing page domain or marketplace, create a free account at  After choosing a username and password, you select your preferred language, enter the name and URL of your marketplace and/or custom domain, and are asked if you want to add any Agents other than the Admin (select no if you want to use the service for free). Once you have done this, you will be given an embed code that we will use to install the widget.

Copy this code and navigate to your account’s Settings > For-Sale landing pages page and/or Settings > Marketplace and paste it into the “ embed code” field.

Once saved, the Live Chat widget is immediately active on your Marketplace and/or Custom Domain and will show in the right-hand corner whenever a new visitor lands on your site. You can chat with potential buyers directly from your dashboard or the mobile app, see which page of your marketplace or custom domain they are on, where they are based (based on the IP address), and much more. You can also change your status to Away or Offline in which case visitors can leave their message and email address for you to respond to when you are back online later. even has a mobile app to chat with your visitors while on the go. Download it for free on Android or iOS.

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